That Day aka Filing Time

This morning I was determined to clear out all the tasks that I’d been putting off. Simple, right? I mean, you’ve read about my list making abilities and how they work for me… But today I had calls to make. I made my usual list and got started. Calls one through three went well. Calls four and five took an hour each with most of the time in both spent listening to bad music in someone’s idea of how to sooth a customer. Now I’m done with those pesky tasks. Which things do you tend to put off?

I’m usually on top of calls because I’m a chatty person and I don’t find the calling onerous. My dreaded deed is filing. I detest it. I will allow all kinds of paper to accumulate, piling new atop of the last bit. When the mountain of paper finally falls to the floor from it’s own momentum, I will sometimes finally get to filing it. Not always though. You know my truth? That when it’s time to sort things out for income tax, I do the filing. Yes. A year’s worth of paper. Meh, it gets done.

Have you got a dreaded deed? If you had one and you broke the habit, I’d like to know how because mountains of paper are a curse. Income tax is months away, so you know what that means? I have not yet reached That Day…

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