About Goodreads

I’ve been a Goodreads user for years. I liked that it helped me keep track of the books I read and the ratings I’d given each. I also set myself up for the Goodreads challenge every January. I was 7 books away from completing my goal for this year and the site locked me out. I used Facebook to log in and for some reason one was not speaking to the other. Must have been some fight.

I tried everything, but I couldn’t find a way to access my page. Finally, I gave up and created a new page where, just this evening, I added the last of the seven books I needed to finish the challenge. I’m something of a control freak so you have no idea how galling it is to have people think I didn’t finish. Oh well. I begin again.

The seven books I read this past while have been an eclectic mix, as is my way. Some literary fiction, some romance, some mystery, some thriller, some poetry. What’s your book blend?    

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