The Aftermath of Launch

Anyone who expected an immediate personal recap of the launch of my book, Enlightened by Defilement, on April 15th will have given up by now I am sure. In a word, fantastic!

The crowd in attendance was gratifying, the response satisfying, and the location was the place to be for me. If you had a nibble, you already know the food was beyond. In a word, *see above.

Anyone who puts a manuscript together, shops it, signs a contract for it, then holds the finished product in their hands, knows the “Oh Crap” feeling of the work just beginning. In the coming months, I will be reading, signing and hoping for the success of this almost memoir of mine. In the early response from readers, and I admit most of these are colleagues, all has been favorable. Early days though, let’s see what a few months brings.

If you’ve a yen to read my book and don’t have a copy yet, you can order it at the Latitude 46 online bookshop. If you want to wait and meet me at Chapters on the 27th of May, I will supply a smile and a verbal tour of what you will get.

Have a photo or two to see what it was like at the beginning. Sorry you missed it if you did.   

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