We writers are all awash in social media. Some part of our involvement can
be attributed to the isolation of our writing lives, another part is the need
to network as writers and prepare for the day we launch our book babies.

There’s a fine line between marketing and overmarketing. I don’t want to be
the person who one day posts for the fifth or twentieth time and, by doing so,
causes everyone on my followers list to groan inwardly. That said, if we are
published by a House, as I am, I owe it, by the letter of the contract, to
promote my book and all that entails.   

Returning to the title above, and the issue of responses, it’s my belief
that the old axiom, “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”
really should be adhered to. I get that we all write in a variety of genres,
but to be a Negative Nelly is completely unnecessary. There is nothing wrong
with the decision to let the post on your friends page go by. Saying nothing is
an option that is often not chosen enough. Not everything we writers set on a
page is golden, we get that.

THE SPEED OF DAYS March 11 2023

The last thing I needed was another calendar. I’ve got a big one devoted to keeping all my meetings on track and it works like a charm. And yet, I have carted home a prop-up desk calendar complete with inspiration on each square. It was the title that hooked me, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

I’ve got a lot going on, meetings aside. In a month and four days, I am sending my book baby out into the world. Every day I think of something new to wonder about. Will there be people? Will the book arrive on time? Will it be well received? You can see where I’m going with this, I’m sweating all the small stuff and also the stuff I can’t control.

The venue is booked and the chef assures me the food will be great. The sample readings I’ve done of a few pieces got the response I was hoping for. Still, there must be something I’ve missed on the yards long list of things I must do before the day arrives.

Back to the calendar. Since today is March 11th and the calendar is a 2023, I have some catching up to do. I started taking the previously passed days off the pad and stalled on the words of January the 4th. That one square had impact. It was about first impressions. I wondered what kind of first impression I would make, then I remembered that it was highly likely anyone who shows up to a book launch has already met you and, dare I say, been impressed, or they wouldn’t be at the launch? I don’t mean that to sound egotistical, if it does, I apologize. I’m simply saying, those who know me, do. Those who don’t won’t likely be there. I ripped that sweaty moment off the calendar pad and moved along. I may have muttered, “Small stuff, small stuff.”

The updates on the launch planning etc, will arrive in a speedier fashion, or so I hope. I could get sidetracked by another piece o advice from my desktop calendar, or I could skip ahead to my birthday and see what that day says. I’m pondering. No, I believe I’ll rip them off two at a time and before you know it, I’ll be up to date and this paper antiperspirant will be working like magic.  


We’re back to Autumn. I don’t know about you, but I always want to buy pens and notebooks and markers. We all know it’s written into us, we get all that stuff when we start school and it sticks, no matter what season of our lives we’re in.

I’ve refilled my pen pot. I’ve gathered and stacked the new notebooks. Now it’s up to me to fill them.

If you feel like you’d like a fresh start, you can always find one. Get a pen, get a notebook. Make yourself a list of ‘yes I wills’. We all get the opportunity, we just need to do it.

Working the List – Part Two

Once you’ve loaded up on pens, (check) notebooks, (check) and your list (check) you can put your new plans in action.

I did this today. I needed to sort the overload of distracting goods I’ve collected both here in my office and in the house as a… well, dumping ground. It was the top item on my list. As a secondary list, I wrote down all good goods, you know, things I could donate and things I could upcycle? I took care of a massive pile of reading material by bagging it up for donation. I did the same with a box full of other items I either didn’t need, or didn’t want any longer. It worked well. I set them aside and made an appointment for drop-off. Setting an appointment means there will be follow-through. That took care of the first item on my list.

What’s on your list and what is the best way to make it work for you?