BOOK REVIEW: Joanne Morcom

Vera Constantineau, three lines at a time   a selection of haiku, senryu, & small poems  Windsor, CT: buddha baby press, 2020. ISBN 978-1-7327746-7-4. 60pp, 4 ¼” x 5”

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This small book is a veritable treasure chest of poetic gems about Mother Nature, human nature and the intersection of both.  The first haiku in the collection references spring with such delightful imagery that I had to smile when I read it.  Also noteworthy is the word play, as the ducklings “moon” the sky.

spring moon sinking —

six duckling bottoms

pointed to the sky

Smiles turn to sighs upon reading one of the collections very poignant senryu in which a simple image takes on great significance for the poet and readers who have experienced the loss of a parent.

mother’s grey hair

in the brush

only I use

Here’s another touching senryu that speaks volumes in just eight short words.  Yet each word is so meaningful that this tiny poem has the impact of a full-blown story or even a novella.

stage four

not the actor

he once was

The poet’s subtle sense of humour enhances and enlivens many of the poems, as in this slice of life example that most readers can identify with quite readily.

family reunion

at the centre of the crowd

the black sheep

I want to point out one more witty poem that made me chuckle because of the unexpected second line that reads like the punchline of a clever joke.

that book on snails

. . . slow going

Some of the poems in three lines at a time have been previously published, while others are making their debut. Kudos to Vera Constantineau and her editor Stanford M. Forrester for working together to create a sparkling collection to be treasured for years to come.

Reprint of Book Review by Joanne Morcom (with permission) Previously published in Haiku Canada Review.

Review: three lines at a time – Betty Guenette

This touching book of Haiku poetry, so little but so full of diverse emotions. I found each prolific section pulling at my senses—reminiscence of the masks of comedy and tragedy in such a few pleasurable words.


Giggling- ducklings bottoms

Poignant- broken promises

Hope- lawyers and brides

Memorable-stages of acting

Hopeful-slat light fencing

Daisy Chained is a collection of short fiction published late 2017.

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