Something about Me

Hi, I am Vera.

I don’t just ride around in this old thing, sometimes I ride around on my mobility scooter. I’m a busy person and my husband says that’s a good thing or I’d be bored and come up with projects he really doesn’t want to do. He loves me, he does. 🙂

In 2023, April to be specific about my busy-ness, I will be launching a book of haibun with Latitude 46 Publishing in Sudbury. You’re all invited. Details will follow…

I am the former Poet Laureate of Greater Sudbury, the sixth, to be exact. I am pleased to have had my poetry and flash fiction internationally published. I’ve been floored to have created the occasional award-winning haiku poem and the same goes for my short fiction. In a previous time, less than fifteen years but more than ten, I wrote a slice of life/humour column for a variety of Northern weekly newspapers. I enjoyed writing humour, and even now, whatever I write will usually have licks of laughter mixed in. 

I’m a long- time member of the Sudbury Writers’ Guild, a member of Haiku Canada, the Haiku Society of America, NOWW Thunder Bay, and a charter member of the now-dormant Manitoulin Writers Circle.