How I Spent My Morning

Waiting is not something I do well. I’m way better than I used to be, but I’m still not expert material. This has been a waiting kind of day, I am frustrated.

Today, as I do daily, I opened my e-mail. The first thing I discovered was a long list of people, I assume spammers, trying to help me make myself a web page. Is this not what I have? And look at that, I did it with the help of someone who did not spam me.

The phone started ringing around eleven, same deal, people from goodness knows where, all wanting to make me a web page. Obviously something was rotten in the Denmark of my new web page.

I guess this would be a good place to state the obvious, just as you should never drink and drive, text and drive, text and cross a street, you should never try to fix something when you are frustrated, somewhat angry and, let’s face it, supremely incompetent with technical matters. When I successfully got myself locked out of my own site, I had to call for help.

I went online and accessed the host support team, they shot up a chat window that said I was first in the queue, all good, and they said someone would be with me in two minutes. Half an hour later I stepped away for a moment, came back and discovered that, yes indeedy, that was the moment the chat window went active. Now I had to enter all over again. This time the waiting time was less.

I explained the problem and the lovely person typed out a few instructions. Nothing helped. Now, somewhere in the universe a ‘ticket’ is waiting for expert attention.

And here in my office, I continue to wait.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun…