Life’s Firsts

Eventually, for all of us, those lovely ‘first times’ grow hard to come by.┬áDuring the past month, however, when it comes to firsts, I’ve had way too many. Granted, some of them were great.

On my to-do list was, get my first book of short fiction, Daisy Chained, published, check. Sell a book, because nothing in life is guaranteed, check. Celebrate writing in a big way, check.

The not-so-great firsts were a lot less pleasant. Health scares for both my husband and myself, mostly resolved now, thankfully, gave me and my husband a kind of radical downtime. Now, we are in the rest and healing portion of that exercise. Not going to lie, that was some scary stuff.

I honestly thought the firsts were over. That I would start this new year, a first of another sort, without any surprises. Nuh-uh! There was another surprise in store.

Today I got an envelope from the Guv. and inside was the receipt from Library and Archives Canada. I sent copies of my book in weeks ago and today, it’s official, my book is high on a shelf in the government of Canada’s library. Another freaking first and a very happy one.

Woohoo for me! Too much? Sorry, can’t help it, this is exciting.

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