…And Here’s Why

Yesterday I was cruising the parking lot at a retail outlet looking for a spot to (obviously) park. I passed a car in the handicap section a couple of times and I noticed that the driver was sitting in it.

Never mind that, if you are going to sit outside the store you don’t need to take up a spot, you can park elsewhere leaving that dedicated space for someone who really needs it, but that could just be me.

Actually, this person had put their seat back a smidgen and was fast asleep. At least, for the first two passed I assumed asleep. On the third pass I began to worry. The number of times I’d seen this person, it was with a mouth wide open and zero movement on their part. I was considering my 911 option when I lucked out. A car pulled into the space in front and to the right of the open mouthed recliner.

He moved! So, not dead.

In my opinion, you should think twice before grabbing your forty winks in the handicapped parking section and here’s why. People (that would be me) will at some point think you are dead. That’s some scary stuff. I think you should do your napping at home.


I just spent an hour in the kitchen buffing the tarnish off the silver tea set. We bought it (with the best of intentions and love) for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law on their 25th wedding anniversary. If I’d known it was going to be returned to us after their deaths, I might have gone for the china set instead.

Similarly, writing. I might have decided on another path if I’d known what a lot of work and metal angst writing was going to give me. I have come to terms with the rejection, you have to have a tough skin in this business. I’ve also conquered my demons when it comes to confidence. I know how much I like my writing, but there’s a whole other world of people out there who may have a different opinion on every single word I write. I’m okay with that too. After all, mostly I write to entertain myself, why not? When I pull off a short fiction or a poem that works, I feel great. That’s why I write. Word inspired dopamine. If you write, it’s highly likely you know what I mean. There are just those times when things are clicking along and you know you’ve hit the right tone.

I’d like to say that I’m inspired by the arrival of Spring, but I can be inspired any old day of the year. I hope it’s the same for others.

Happy writing.

Rainy Days, Haiku and Teacups

This display consists of haiku journals, haiku poetry and teacups and can be seen at the Copper Cliff Public Library for the next while. Each of the cups came from my own collection and are gifts from friends and relatives. I have an emotional attachment to each and know the history of the cups. It is the same with the poetry, each of these poems has been published in the past, every publishing opportunity feels like acceptance of what I do. I am inspired to write mostly senryu, human haiku, however, I also write nature haiku. If you are in the Copper Cliff neighborhood, please stop by the library and see what  you think.

CBC and Daisy Chained

I had the best time talking to Markus Schwabe on CBC Sudbury’s Morning North broadcast. As a relative newby to the online/website situation, I have no idea how to give you the link to listen to the interview.  However, I know people who know things and when I get the proper info, the link above will work, I promise.

I so enjoy radio, please listen to what went down 🙂


Life’s Firsts

Eventually, for all of us, those lovely ‘first times’ grow hard to come by. During the past month, however, when it comes to firsts, I’ve had way too many. Granted, some of them were great.

On my to-do list was, get my first book of short fiction, Daisy Chained, published, check. Sell a book, because nothing in life is guaranteed, check. Celebrate writing in a big way, check.

The not-so-great firsts were a lot less pleasant. Health scares for both my husband and myself, mostly resolved now, thankfully, gave me and my husband a kind of radical downtime. Now, we are in the rest and healing portion of that exercise. Not going to lie, that was some scary stuff.

I honestly thought the firsts were over. That I would start this new year, a first of another sort, without any surprises. Nuh-uh! There was another surprise in store.

Today I got an envelope from the Guv. and inside was the receipt from Library and Archives Canada. I sent copies of my book in weeks ago and today, it’s official, my book is high on a shelf in the government of Canada’s library. Another freaking first and a very happy one.

Woohoo for me! Too much? Sorry, can’t help it, this is exciting.

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