The Road Back and the Back Road

I’m an optimistic person. I anticipate remaining so despite having had a house filled with Covid. In late October my husband tested positive, as did our daughter and her partner. In early November it was my turn.

Not going to lie, it was ugly, although we were the fortunate ones who didn’t have any hospital stays. The only remaining issue is a nagging cough for me, the rest have gone back to their usual hale and hearty lives. For the record, it’s coming up to a month out of my own life.

I missed things. Important things to me, not earthshaking for anyone else. I missed our on the in-person activities of Wordstock Sudbury although I was able to follow along with most of the presentations with their great hybrid festival. There were tears, it’s true. I promise myself to attend in person next year barring any unforeseen situations. I missed meetings with groups and online workshops, but mostly I missed the energy it takes to follow through with that stuff, I got wiped. I’m 95% but this *%@! Cough.

The back roads portion happens now. Since my husband recovered before me, he was kind enough to take me on a back road ride when I was feeling up for it. The trees and the bounce of gravel off our tires always makes my poetry nerve sing, but the ride was especially sweet for its healing calm. I’m grateful for his understanding of this need of mine.

If you’ve suffered the vid, you have my sympathy. I am filled with gratitude for the care we received. Having come through, I want to encourage everyone to mask it up. Protect yourself, no one else will,

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